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Herriman 2017

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Jun 11, 2016



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Highschool Champ

Short-Term Running Goals:

Take state and qualify for Nationals with my team

5:05 mi

2:18 800

11:10 3200

17:30 3 mi


Senior runner for Pine View cross country and track

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Nike Pegasus 33 Miles: 21.25Nike Lunar Glide 8 Miles: 26.75
Race: Herriman 2017 (0.5 Miles) 00:02:23, Place overall: 2, Place in age division: 2
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Herriman meet today! Took the apush test then we were on our way. S/o to holt for his legit driving skills and getting us to the meet in time for the medley! Warm 5 min. Kaylani and Josie started us off good, then Jada with a nice 1:03 in the 400, and I finished with 2:23 for the 800. 2nd place + we qualified!! Cool 15 min. Later, warm 10 min for the 4x400. Jada started getting a speedy 1:00/01! She is getting so good!! Got a around a 1:02. Didn't qualify but next time! Cooled 20. About 55 min total

Nike Pegasus 33 Miles: 6.30
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Drove to the trail in the Bountiful hills! Awesome views, cool trail, and perfect weather. 55 min

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Short workout on the track. 15 warm, 2x400 at mile pace with caroline. Times a few seconds faster (1:13, 1:11) 4x200s afterwards were good. Thinking the curve as a slingshot really helped, want to implement that in races. 10 to cool. 65 min total/7.5 mi

Nike Lunar Glide 8 Miles: 7.50
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15 min morning run/1.75 mi


45 min run into Washington felt great, calves got a little tight but stretching helped. 6 striders to end/5.5 mi

Nike Pegasus 33 Miles: 7.25
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15 min morning run/1.75 mi


Run onto Virgin river trail with 1,2,3,4 min CV pace with less recovery each time. The last one had to push myself a little but it felt really good overall! Cool was nice and solid. My right foot went totally numb again but it got better, didn't hurt just numb. 53 min/6.8 mi

Nike Lunar Glide 8 Miles: 8.55
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15 min morning run. Ran with the boys cause I missed the run with the girls earlier. 2 mi


Ran 20 on the grass with the girls, then 20 more towards arctic circle. This car was following me real slow and I got super scared so I sprinted to the main road and just ran back next to traffic. 6 striders on the grass felt great. Solid handoffs with Jada! 45 min/ 5.7 mi

Nike Pegasus 33 Miles: 7.70
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15 min morning run/1.6 mi

Drove to UVU to do run! It was fun, just a chill 30 min run + 4 striders with the girls and 2 during handoffs with Jada. Practiced the tuna wiggle for the 2 mile:P 35 min/4.1 mi

Nike Lunar Glide 8 Miles: 5.70
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Race: State @ byu (1 Miles) 00:05:18, Place overall: 7, Place in age division: 7
Total Distance

First race for state! Went into the mile fast just behind Caroline getting around a 1:13. The rest of the splits were around 1:21.6, 1:22.05, 1:21.38- getting a 5:18.64 overall. My third lap was definitely the weakest because I didn't make any moves or surges. And my last I got passed by a few ending 7th. Head hurt last half and afterwards I just wanted to lay down. So took ibprofen and Drank lots more water that day! S/o to Jessica who killed it pr'ing by a second and placing 6th!

Medley about 7 hrs later with Kalani, Josie, and Jada! Felt better during the 800 but still not as good as I wished. Went into the first lap good and passed a girl but second lap wasn't as strong. On the bright side my handoff with Jada went good! Ended with around a 2:25, 7th place.

Nike Lunar Glide 8 Miles: 5.00
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Race: State @ byu (2 Miles) 00:11:27, Place overall: 7, Place in age division: 7
Total Distance

Last half of state track! Didn't think about 2 mile at all before to stay chill and keep my anxiety down. The tuna wiggle wasn't as weird and threatening as we practiced yesterday but I could still feel the chillness and power from it haha. First 2 laps we had a solid group then Jess broke forward to the top group while Ry, Jos, Caroline and I stayed behind. By the 5th and 6th lap Ry took a good lead with Jos, Caroline, then me behind. Listening to coach when he yelled to me to get up with the pack and surge each time we came around helped so much. I remember thinking of the last 800 as one I wanted to push myself more and finish strong. So after working with Caroline I moved my way to Jos for the last lap. The last stretch I kicked to Ry and we battled while the cedar girl randomly passed and claimed 5th place with Ry placing 6th! My dad got my laps: 1:18, 1:27, 1:24, 1:27 (5:37ish mile) 1:31, 1:31, 1:27, 1:20 (5:50ish mile). 5th and 6th laps could definitely use improvement! Finished with an 11:27.42, 7th place..again haha. All the girls did so good and this race was so fun cause it felt like cross country again!

Last race with Jos:( I'm gonna miss her so so much. I look up to her great leadership and hard work!! The 800 was pretty good, first lap faster than my last. Should've started my kick earlier cause at 150 meters 3 girls passed me. Gave it what I could tho, ending with a 2:23.01 (pr by .41 seconds), 7th place. Seriously the worst number. Ever.

State track was so fun and a great experience! Track season overall was awesome because it taught me to see and realize a greater potential for me and our team as a whole!!

Total Distance
Nike Pegasus 33 Miles: 21.25Nike Lunar Glide 8 Miles: 26.75
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