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January 2018

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Jun 11, 2016



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Highschool Champ

Short-Term Running Goals:

Take state and qualify for Nationals with my team

5:05 mi

2:18 800

11:10 3200

17:30 3 mi


Senior runner for Pine View cross country and track

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Mizuno Wave Sayonara 3 Lifetime Miles: 137.10
Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 Lifetime Miles: 187.92
Nike Pegasus 33 Lifetime Miles: 210.69
Nike Lunar Glide 8 Lifetime Miles: 552.23
Nike Lunar Glide 9 Lifetime Miles: 387.97
Brooks Lifetime Miles: 65.88
Gray Lunar Glide 9 Lifetime Miles: 85.11
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Gray Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 64.23Brooks Miles: 4.55Nike Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 27.94
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First run of 2018 was a partial success!! Haha partial because I got a tummy ache at 20 and had to splash some river water on me. 2x(1,1,2) min pickups felt nice. Ran to Sullivan and back plus neighborhood loops for 45 min//6 mi

My mom wanted to have a family run where we all finish at the same time so some started the run earlier and some later (like Mike started last) so we'd end it together. It was fun I loved seeing my fam run, even Katie ran :) 28 min//3.53 mi


Gray Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 9.53
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Went shorter because of my heel. It's almost like an injury now but I don't wanna call it that cause it's just gonna make me sad and cause I'm gonna prevent it from being one!! Went up foremaster and a little past and flipped. Other than my foot the run felt great and so refreshing. 45 min//6 miles

Gray Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 6.00
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15 run + weights//1.75 mi

I was planning on going longer to make up for yesterday but ended up going shorter cause of my inflamed heel. Flipped with Alli,whose Achilles has been hurting:/, and had a good finish with her! Also ran into a random guy from behind and I felt really bad but he was nice and just laughed haha. Rolled and stretched but no ice cause there were 0 bags. 22 min//2.8 mi

Plan to heal my heel hahaha

•Take 3 Advil every 6 hours (anti-inflammatory drug)

•Ice foot for 15 on and 15 off 3 times twice a day

•After runs- stretch and roll legs

•use Roberts's heel stretchy cloth thing at least twice a day

•Don't run in Brooks shoes

Brooks Miles: 4.55
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Workout days are the best days! 3x1:00 tempo, 3x1:00 threshold, 2x(5x30 sec CV), 3x1:00 threshold, 3x1:00 tempo. Distances we're 233(7 min/mi), 245(6:40 min/mi), and 128(6:20 min/mi) for tempo, threshold, and CV pace. We did pretty well! Went too fast for a couple after the CV sets but then chilled out. Switched leaders and form practicing! My foot felt good, usually does for these kinda runs. 60 min//7.2 mi

Gray Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 7.20
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Weights + 15 min run//1.5 mi

Did the whole run! Woot woot. Went past Arctic circle and had solid finish. Foot is still hurting but not as bad as Tuesday. Worked on how the landing of my right foot and I think if I fix that my injury will stop coming back!! 50 min//6 mi

Nike Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 7.50
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Great workout at middle school! The sharp turns and tilted grass hurt my foot but it was ok. 8x3:00 tempo workout. Had a great group and finished with some of the Future's group which was awesome. Ry came up and finished strong with us and so did Gracie and Sylvia! 6 striders at 800 pace felt nice. Overall positive :) 60 min//7 mi

Gray Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 7.00
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Woke up late and ran on my own out in the fields. Even though I had to squint to see the rain felt so good!! Same little ache in right foot, and also my left foot's planter spot hurt. I try to run on my toes so I think that had a lot of pressure. 50 min//6.42 mi

Ps the injury resistant exercise is harder than I thought hahah

Nike Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 6.42
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Tbh I was looking forward to this run all day! It was solid, ran with El, Al b, Sylvia, pyper, and even Julius for the most of it. 1,2,1,3,1,3 pickups were good with the last stronger than the rest cause that's how we're gonna race!! 90 min//11.3 mi

Gray Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 11.30
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Weights and 15 run//1.75 mi

Mustang pass trail, felt ok, legs pretty tired so it was nice to recover a little with a shorter run. 45 min//4.52 mi

Nike Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 6.27
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Workout on the track! These are seriously my fav days. 6x1:00 tempo+threshold, 5x1:00 cv, 6x1:00 threshold+tempo. Hit the times right on most times! Last set was a little quick. Focus on arms, knees, and kick. Cool around track to finish. 60 min//7.1 mi

Gray Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 7.10
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Good ol weights + 15 min run//1.75 mi

Hill circuit run, found a good route down in Fox Cove! Did one hill and a couple striders to shake out after. Ran around fossil ridge and back to cool 25 min. And el, ry, and I were barking dogs in Caroline's dream when we knocked on her window to say hi hahaha. 50 min//6 mi

Nike Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 7.75
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Good workout!! It was harder than I thought, by the end of the 3rd set I was pretty tired but every workout's amount has a purpose so I knew I just needed to finish and finish strong. Ran with Tanner, Tyler, and Ellie, it was a solid group and no one fell off! Coach's whistle helped with quick feet which was the main focus for today. 6x4:00 tempo (7:00 pace), finished at 6:40. 4x striders, good advice one focusing on the form! Lots of positives, our team is gonna do great things!! 60 min//7.8 mi?

Gray Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 7.80
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Woah what a day, hiked angels landing then shinob-kibe and I was pooped. After a power nap I forced myself to get my run in at like 4:30. It turned so much better than I thought and it felt good. Ran deeper into the fields and got a good view of the sunset and ran home in negative split. First half 8-8:30, last 7:30-45 mi pace. 65 min//8.3 mi

Gray Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 8.30
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Gray Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 64.23Brooks Miles: 4.55Nike Lunar Glide 9 Miles: 27.94
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